sorry for being so inactive OTL I’ve been really busy with uni and stuff, (but I’m on break now, yay!) so I’ve only had time to doodle here and there, but most of that stuff would probably be too boring for you guys haha •w•”

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I’ve been working on converting this to 300dpi and then modifying it for Hoenn all day hahahh OTL

If my teacher says it’s okay, I’ll use it for my final silkscreen print project, printing it at 35x35cm! It would look so cool!! If I get to do it, would anyone be interested in getting a print of it?

ps. it only looks a little blurry due to resizing it from over 4000px to 500; it’s actually really sharp!

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another color palette thingy

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i tried to do a color palette thing. tried.


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I was waiting patiently for nice fanart bUT I GREW IMPATIENT AND MADE MY OWN SO HERE

finally my babies are back ahhhhh ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

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that was the last one of the requests! It was really fun, thanks for not leaving my ask box empty! (that would’ve been embarrassing)

Shiny Quilava with snakebites and hipster glasses - requested by 

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Pidgeot being protective over Pidgeys and Pidgeottos - requested by  

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Centaur!Ruby and Shark-Mermaid!Sapphire - requested by 

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Gold - requested by  and  ♥

(not accepting any more requests, thank you!)

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